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Build Operations Intelligence with Al​

WelliRS™ Intelligence Platform uses automated machine learning, a rules engine, and complex event processing to build operations intelligence applications. The intelligence is then used in well integrity workflows for reliability, quality, throughput, and energy to drive operational efficiency actions. The intelligence created with WelliRS™ applications can be distributed across the enterprise at the edge and the cloud. Intelligence output can either be visualized in the WelliRS Al platform or in existing client systems.

Pattern Discovery and Analysis

Understanding your well data in the context of operations and asset condition behavior is a critical step to define, design, and develop machine learning (ML) applications.
The flexible visual analytics in WelliRS™ allows you to apply your expertise to discover the important patterns and features to build and validate your hypothesis for ML design. You can perform multi-variable pattern searches, create and store event frames, and perform cohort analysis; for batch processes, perform reference
and golden batch analysis. You can also collaborate on data discovery with annotations and snippet sharing.

Logic and Calculations

WelliRS™ is used to build insights, KPIs and alerts on real-time process and condition data, and the output of machine learning algorithms. Its highly visual.

Operational Intelligence Workflows

WelliRS™ provides well integrity workflow ease of use, operational performance monitoring and actions from the output of data. Workflows for reliability, production, and quality provide decision support and actions in the context of wells, operations and safety. Actionable outputs can then be integrated with other systems.

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